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'Super termites' set to emerge from Israeli soil in coming days

The termites themselves are yellow-brown, with a honey-brown head. One colony of these insects can reach millions of people and travel up to 100 meters from their nests.

Israeli scientists find way to detect weevil infestations with AI, Google

Red palm weevils are a notorious invasive species that are among the worst pests for palm trees. They are devastating in the damage they cause, spread very quickly and are difficult to detect.


Fireflies light up the night sky in Israel - scientific survey

As fireflies have been disappearing, it was important for scientists to conduct the survey and gain a better picture of their status in Israel, to better protect the species.

Fireflies use invisible 'musical armor' against bats, study suggests

Because the sounds are ultrasonic, they cannot be detected by either humans or fireflies themselves.

Meet the Israeli robot that 'hears' through a dead locust's ear - Watch

When the researchers clap once, the locust's ear hears the sound and the robot moves forward; when the researchers clap twice, the robot moves backward.

Israeli nursery sells plant seeds with fire ants

Fire ants are 1 millimeter long and orange-red in color and are considered one of the top 100 most dangerous invasive species.

Virginia residents warned following reappearance of poisonous caterpillar

The creature, known as the puss caterpillar, measures just under an inch and a half, including the fur-like venomous spines it has on its body.

Halting the spread of the little fire ant

One of the country’s most tenacious pests, it’s almost invisible and its bites are painful and persistent.


Klil to establish butterfly nature park outside its factory

The park will also include groves, local trees and shrubs and expanses of wildflowers and herbs.

Ant (illustrative)

Meat allergy in the US is slowly being eradicated by fire ants

The "alpha-gal" meat allergy is caused by the bite of the lone star tick.

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