Pseudoscorpions of Israel: Two new family records discovered by Hebrew University entomologists

Pseudoscorpions aren't harmful to humans, and are even beneficial because they feed on caterpillars, flies, ants, beetle larvae, and carpet- and book-lice larvae.

Are our decisions made automatically in the brain? - study

A new study puts a decades-old theory into practice, showing how rewards, and the likelihood of receiving those awards, affect choice-making.

Alien species are invading countries, endangering biodiversity

A new report alarmingly reveals that over 37,000 alien species are rapidly spreading across the globe due to human activities.

Cockroach takes a plane ride: Uninvited guest gets attention and amuses passengers

A passenger on a flight in China discovered a cockroach on the window beside her for almost three hours at an altitude of 32,808 feet.

The incredible anti-inflammatory properties of black soldier fly larvae

Promising anti-inflammatory properties of oil from the larvae of black soldier flies have implications to treat conditions like ulcerative colitis.

This wasp can paralyze its victims for 8 months - TikTok biologist

Biologist Andrew Legan collected a tarantula that had been paralyzed by a hawk wasp to study the effects of the wasp’s venom on the arachnid.

Insects in danger: Air pollution harms bugs' ability to find food, reproduce - study

The report provides evidence that tiny particles originating from air pollution, especially from human-related sources, adhere to the sensory organs of insects.

Terrifying 'creature from Hell' terrorizes Australia in TikTok video

In a TikTok video, garnering 11M views from Leverton, Western Australia, a stick-scorpion hybrid insect is seen sitting in the dirt, wings spread, and stabbing the air with its tail.

This is how to get rid of fruit flies in your home without pesticides

Summer has arrived and with it comes swarms of flies. But don't worry, there is an original and easy patent that will help you get rid of them.


Do you remove ticks with your fingers? You are making a terrible mistake

A Texas nurse urges using tweezers for tick removal, highlighting the dangers of exposing the body to a tick's stomach contents.

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