Report: Zimbabwe denies signing secret deal to sell uranium to Iran

Deputy mining minister rebuffs The Times report of agreement; says: We have no capacity to handle uranium.

August 10, 2013 17:37
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Workers move fuel rod at Isfahan Uranium Facility

Workers move fuel rod in Isfahan R 311. (photo credit: REUTERS/ Caren Firouz)

Zimbabwe on Saturday denied it had signed an agreement to export uranium to Iran after

Newly sworn-in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been in the spotlight as Western powers try to determine if he will be more likely to cooperate in regard to Iran's nuclear program.

Zimbabwe has also been hit with international sanctions to its state-owned mining companies due to human rights abuses. Chimanikire said that the deal with Iran was a necessary alternative for the cash-strapped country given the sanctions against its mining industry.

The Times quoted British security officials as saying that they have been aware of ongoing talks between Iran and Zimbabwe regarding a possible uranium deal for more than two years.

Experts believe that the Zimbabwean uranium will be very difficult and costly to extract and may not be ready for export for some time, according to the Times.

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