Nas Daily Israeli elections message: There are six different Israels

Regardless of the divisiveness, Nuseir Yassin urged everyone to vote.

June 25, 2019 11:40
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Nas Daily Israeli elections message: There are six different Israels

NUSEIR YASSIN, aka Nas Daily, during a video filmed in Jerusalem.. (photo credit: screenshot)

Nas Daily or Nuseir Yassin, an Arab-Israeli widely known for his 1-minute vlogs, posted a message to his Israeli followers on Facebook concerning the divisiveness in Israel, especially during elections.

"I came back home to vote in the Israeli elections...only to realize that this time...there is no Israel," Nas said.

No, he wasn't making that political statement, saying there is only a Palestine. But he was speaking to the fact that Israel is extremely diverse and divided.

"We need to admit there is no Israel," Nas wrote on his Nas Daily Facebook page on Monday night, the day before Israeli elections."There are six different Israels in one country: Israel for the Jews, Israel for the Arabs, Israel for the ultra-Orthodox, Israel for the Tel-Avivians, Israel for the Ethiopians and Israel for the tourists. Each of these Israels has its own economy, opportunities and population. They don't interact, and they don't mix well. They are not equal."

Regardless of the divisiveness, Yassin urged everyone to vote and he said he hoped he could persuade voters to "vote for those that unite this country...not those who divide it."

"We don't need six Israels. We need only one Israel....for everybody," he continued.

With more than 7,000 likes and emoji responses, it's likely Yassin's message was heard. However, it is to be determined if his advice will be followed.

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