IDF General Staff honors historic first swearing-in ceremony

70 years ago the first generals of the IDF swore to defend the Jewish State in the war of 1948.

June 4, 2018 13:06
IDF General Staff honors historic first swearing-in ceremony

David Ben Gurion and the first IDF General Staff after being sworn in . (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The IDF General Staff attended a special ceremony in Ramat Gan on Monday honoring the event that shaped the Israeli army 70 years ago.

In the humble Halama building, that used to host medical patients, David Ben Gurion asked the first General Staff members to raise their hands and be sworn in. It was June 1948, and only a few weeks after enemy planes bombed the same location.

After the war ended the building was converted to a school and is now named after Ben Gurion. The current General Staff members attended a lecture about the history of this unique building and took a symbolic oath, having their picture taken in a similar way to the founding fathers of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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