LIVE: More than 460 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza in escalation of violence

After Sunday's firefight in Gaza, escalation between the IDF and Gaza appears inevitable.

Hamas fires rockets at settlements in southern Israel, November 12, 2018 (Robert Michaelov)
Over 300 rockets rained down on southern Israel from Gaza on Monday.
One 19-year-old is in critical condition after a rocket struck a bus in Kfar Aza; Magen David Adom reports 13 other casualties.
In response, the IDF deployed fighter planes, helicopters and tanks in Gaza and killed three Palestinians, striking over 70 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets.
Hamas announced that the rockets were a retaliation against Sunday's botched IDF operation in Gaza that saw the death of seven Hamas terrorists.
Hundreds of Red Alert sirens rang out across Israel, including one as far as the Dead Sea.