Opposition leader claims he will replace Netanyahu, calling him 'out of control'

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog spoke at a cultural event Saturday, bashing the prime minister, and Yair Lapid.

Isaac Herzog
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has completely lost control, said opposition leader and Zionist Union chairman Isaac Herzog at a Shabbat cultural event in Haifa on Saturday.
“Before me stand two leaders,” stated Herzog. “One, Netanyahu, who has completely lost control, and another, [Yair] Lapid, who doesn’t talk about the important issues at all... and therefore the public will wise up eventually.”
Herzog called Netanyahu intelligent, but weak, claiming that the prime minister refuses to make the important, historic decisions that come with the position.
“I will replace Netanyahu at elections, not because of an investigation,” stated Herzog.
When it comes to polling, Herzog said that you cannot trust them. Herzog was referring to a Channel 10 poll, published on Friday that suggested that Lapid’s center-left party, Yesh Atid, would overtake Netanyahu’s Likud, were an election to be held now. The same poll had Herzog’s Zionist Union plummeting from its current 24 mandates to just eight.
“If polls were always right, Hillary [Clinton] would be president,” said Herzog.
When speaking about annexing Area C in the West Bank, Herzog said that those who call for the annexation of the area are “brainwashing the public with lies.”
Herzog said that the area makes up so much of the West Bank and it would be a situation similar to Syria or Bosnia, were Israel to annex it.
“I suggest you call for elections now, or for a national referendum asking if the people are ready to annex three million Palestinians and create an Arab-Jewish state, ‘Israstan,’” said the opposition leader.
Herzog also expressed confidence that he would win Labor’s primary elections in the summer.