Who is a convert – again?

Nativ continues to function to this day, with programs both in the civilian and military spheres.

June 13, 2018 15:38
An illustration by Pepe Fainberg

An illustration by Pepe Fainberg. (photo credit: PEPE FAINBERG)

HOW MANY times must we struggle against the Chief Rabbinate’s attempt to attain complete control over conversion in Israel and, perhaps, in the entire Jewish world? Since the earliest days of the Jewish State when it was decided that Jews alone had an automatic right to citizenship in Israel, the question of how one not born a Jew could enter that fold became a matter of fierce debate. The Law of Return specifies that converts are eligible, but does not specify how one becomes a convert.

That very question – how does one become a Jew – has a long and complicated history.


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