High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the
Reform, Masorti movements to insist High Court rule on conversion case

Deadline for postponing decision on 2005 petition requesting Israeli citizenship to non-Israeli nationals who convert in Israel with the non-Orthodox movements, falls later this month

INTERIOR MINISTER Arye Deri at the Knesset
Deri lambasted for conversion law, giving Chief Rabbinate total control

Shas leader proposes to revoke all legal status for non-state conversions, leading to outcry from moderate religious-Zionist and non-Orthodox rabbis.

CELEBRATING ON Kibbutz Ga’ash in 2019. On this festival we honor the sacrifice of Ruth the Moabite i
Let’s show more appreciation to Jews-by-choice

We as Jews need to do far more to welcome Jews-by-choice into our midst and show them a level of appreciation and esteem for the courageous path they have undertaken.

The state of conversion in Israel

The Conversion Authority is reluctant to perform conversions.

YAEL BELENKY, manager at Giyur K’Halacha
The Giyur K’Halacha option

Giyur K’Halacha has become Israel’s leading alternative conversion court network.

FORMER JEWISH Agency chairmain Natan Sharansky speaks at an ITIM Annual Conversion Conference with R
In Ruth’s footsteps: Israeli converts tell their stories

The Magazine and Giyur K’Halacha, Israel’s leading nongovernmental conversion court, present personal stories of Israelis who have recently converted to Judaism.

‘Preaching about Jesus is who we are, we’re Christians,’ says God TV

Missionary channel chief says Christians are called to spread the Gospel around the world, says God TV seeks to have Jews believe Jesus is the messiah, not convert them

Tovia Singer: Gospel channel targets vulnerable Jews in attempt to convert

While Singer said there is “nothing new about Evangelical fundamentalist Christians seeking to convert Jews to Christianity,” he noted that the method that GOD TV is using is “completely novel.”

Thousands protest after Rafi Peretz stated that he supports gay conversion therapy.
US, Germany, Mexico, 6 others seek to ban gay 'conversion therapy'

LGBT+ people - some children - have undergone abuses like lobotomies, castration and masturbatory reconditioning in the past, in a bid to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, ILGA said

David Ben Avraham is treated by a paramedic following his release from jail, while friend Haim Pereg
Palestinian convert to Judaism freed from Hevron jail

David Ben Avraham was beaten and tortured by fellow inmates, who were told of his conversion.

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