Pascale's Kitchen: Chocolate-chip cookies

This week, I’ve chosen to share with you a few chocolate chip cookie recipes that are simple, loved by children, and can be made with a variety of additions.

March 16, 2017 11:30
Chocolate-chip cookies with candies

Chocolate-chip cookies with candies. (photo credit: PASCALE PEREZ-RUBIN)

I spend an incredible amount of time with loved ones and good friends in my kitchen. There’s nothing I love better than creating delicious meals and treats that draw my family like a magnet to the most important room of the house. I have so many wonderful memories that were created during these precious moments when feelings are expressed and we open up to each other.

That’s why I believe people should prepare dishes that make them happy, and that let them enjoy their time in the kitchen. There’s no need to use complicated recipes that take up too much of your precious time.


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