Women’s due time in Petah Tikva

Beit Siah Nashim, a new venture in Petah Tikva, spotlights significant achievements of the city's unsung female guests.

May 11, 2017 18:06
Beit Siah Nashim

Beit Siah Nashim in Petah Tikva – a fine-looking base for spreading the female leadership word. (photo credit: PETAH TIKVA MUNICIPALITY)

Even in the PC-attuned ostensibly- more-egalitarian 21st century, members of “the weaker sex” generally have to make do with lower pay, less chance of promotion, and simply fewer opportunities to prove their worth. However, it seems that Petah Tikva has produced its fair share of pioneering female figures over the past century or so.

The groundbreaking work of Esther Raab, Dvora Omer, Miriam Yaron and Rachel Berkman is now noted, and lauded, at Beit Svatitsky in the nether regions of Montefiore Street, not far from the market.


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