A biblical achievement

For the first time in over 30 years, a non-Orthodox Israeli took first place in the International Bible Quiz. ‘Metro’ gets to know 15-year-old Sagiv Lugasi.

May 11, 2017 20:42
International Bible Quiz

Sagiv Lugasi and his family following the final contest. (photo credit: LUGASI FAMILY)

It is only fitting that the International Bible Quiz, founded by David Ben-Gurion in 1958, should take place each year on Israel’s Independence Day. The message underlying this choice is clear: modern Israel’s history and national identity are eternally and inextricably connected with the Bible and Jewish literature at large.

In that respect, one’s familiarity with the Bible should have little to do with religious observance. As the centerpiece of the Jewish national ethos and of Western civilization as a whole, it ought to be found on the bookshelf and deep within the heart of every Israeli, regardless of religious convictions. Without a thorough knowledge of the Bible, one’s understanding of Jewish history and culture, and even of the Hebrew language, cannot be but cursory.


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