In your face

The irreverant Zeev Engelmayer is perfectly suited to participate in a group exhibition of thought-provoking cartoons and comics at Holon’s Israeli Cartoon Museum.

Zeev Engelmayer (photo credit: Courtesy)
Zeev Engelmayer
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Zeev Engelmayer is unrepentant. At 51 years young, the illustrator and comic-book artist is still churning out visual and written material that is as provocative, stimulating and entertaining as at any time in his three-decade-plus career, and counting.
In case it is not already abundantly clear from his ongoing creations in publications like Yediot Aharonot, and the motley range of books he puts out, not to mention the exhibitions to which he contributes and his solo shows, Engelmayer happily pokes fun at anything going. Politics, religion, sex, you-name-it are all areas that he targets on a regular basis, and that he lampoons with gay abandon. That happy-go-lucky approach will come across in no uncertain manner at a new group exhibition of thoughtprovoking cartoons and comics in which Engelmayer is participating, suitably titled “Pitzei Bagrut” (Acne), which opens at the Israeli Cartoon Museum in Holon on October 10, closing on March 1.