Rehabilitation through cooking

Chef Avi Levy serves you his soul in a dish.

September 27, 2017 16:13
Chef Avi Levy.

Chef Avi Levy.. (photo credit: DAN LEV)

Chef and Jerusalem native Avi Levy, 41, has been in love with cooking since childhood. His mother and grandmother, superb home cooks, came from Algeria with a strong family and culinary ethic. In their home culture, to eat is to strengthen bonds. Traditional foods mark celebrations, mourning and festivals. Eating the home-cooked daily meals together is almost a sacred obligation, one the family delights in.

“Our home has always been a house of food,” Levy says. “Traditional Algerian food. Our cooking has bold flavors and lots of seasonings. We routinely eat organ meats like spleen and sweetbreads, and use only the best raw ingredients.


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