Will the Muslim Brotherhood be declared a terrorist organization?

The Muslim Brotherhood are very connected to the weaker layers of society and succeed in giving them answers and a sense of meaning.

May 1, 2019 14:29
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Muslim Brotherhood

The Rabaa sign is flashed, symbolizing support for the Muslim Brotherhood. (photo credit: REUTERS)

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is remembered by most as an organization or party from which the former president of Egypt emerged during the Arab Spring of 2011 and the Tahrir Square demonstrations, is known to be of great importance in the Arab world.

Recently, the call in the United States to recognize the organization as a terrorist organization has risen. Commentator on Arab affairs, Shimrit Meir, spoke about the subject with Erel Segal on Wednesday in his 103FM show: "It's an idea that has been running for a long time. There are many people in Washington who do not like the Muslim Brotherhood. "

"During the Obama era, the issue was mostly discussed after Mohamed Morsi's rise, when at first people argued that the Muslim Brotherhood was a moderate political version of a political Islam that held elections unlike al-Qaeda and ISIS," Meir added. "The most accurate definition was given by the Saudi foreign minister when he said that the Saudi brothers were the grandfather of ISIS and the grandfather of al-Qaeda's grandmother," the commentator related to the organization.

Meir further claimed that "There are people from the Muslim Brotherhood who are very prominent in the American Muslim community, Qatar is one of the largest donators to research institutes in Washington."

"The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that begins with an idea viewing Islam as a solution to all areas of life and has become a social movement," said Meir added. The Muslim Brotherhood are very connected to the weaker layers of society and succeed in giving them answers and a sense of meaning."

They came to power in Egypt in democratic elections.

"This debate is going on in the Middle East, but it is mainly a discussion in Washington. In order to define such a large movement as a terrorist organization, there is a process that must be passed, and the truth is that the Muslim Brotherhood is not meeting the parameters. If the move doesn't fail in the Congress, it will in the Senate, and then reach court. Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi is pushing Trump because he is still threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is still a very strong phenomenon in Egypt, and the Saudis are also very threatened by this."

If these people are legitimized to participate in elections, they win.

"This issue is rife with a debate about the Muslim Brotherhood within the American public. All liberals, from the New York Times and South, are now defending the Muslim Brotherhood and can paint the other side as Muslim Brotherhood supporters."

Then they collapse unto themselves because they are required to support all the moves made by the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Notice that anyone with a brain does not jump forward to defend the Muslim Brotherhood."

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