Palestinians riot following Friday prayers on Temple Mount

Israeli police enter compound after violence erupts at contested holy site; police use stun grenades to disperse crowds, arrest five upon being attacked after opening Mughrabi Gate.

Temple Mount riots, June 13 (photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
Temple Mount riots, June 13
(photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
Immediately following Friday prayers on the Temple Mount, hundreds of Palestinians attacked Israeli Police upon opening Mughrabi Gate for visitors, resulting in at least five arrests.
According to police, the violence erupted at approximately 1 p.m. when officers stationed at the contested holy site were pelted by rocks.
“Police quickly responded and entered the Temple Mount using non-lethal stun grenades to disperse the crowd,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld shortly after the incident.
Rosenfeld added that there were no serious injuries during the melee.
The violence comes less than a month after Pope Francis beseeched Muslims not to resort to violence during his historic visit to the holy site.