Take our Quiz: What should Netanyahu's UN gimmick be this year?

The prime minister has become known for making use of props during his speeches to the UN.

September 22, 2016 16:57
Binyamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu warns against nuclear Iran at 2012 UN General Assembly. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gained fame as a talented orator in both Hebrew and English.  People tune in to view his yearly addresses to the United Nations General Assembly not only because of his majestic speaking skills, but also because he has become known for introducing props into his speeches to help make his point.

Past props have included a cartoon drawing of a bomb, the blueprints of a concentration camp and last year, he simply went silent for some 40 seconds. What prop will Netanyahu include in his speech this year, set to be aired live on jpost.com on Thursday?


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