Trapping lone wolves

A new study sheds light on the growing threat of ‘lone wolf’ terrorism and what is behind it.

June 29, 2017 17:12
4 minute read.
Manchester Arena attack

Women light candles for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack last month. (photo credit: REUTERS)

After the recent attack in Manchester, bombing experts speculated that the killer, Salman Abedi, was a “lone wolf” terrorist. It later emerged that he was known to the authorities, who had been warned about his radicalization. So how did he slip through the net? A new study seeks to shed light on cases like this.

Mark S. Hamm is a professor at Indiana State University who has written about terrorism and prisoner radicalization, spanning the period from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 to today. Ramon Spaaij is a sociologist from Victoria University in Melbourne and has studied diverse subjects from football hooliganism to lone wolf terrorism.


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