For a body to remain strong and healthy, you need to eat vegetables and fruits daily and in the right quantities. For some reasons, many people find it hard maintaining such daily intake of fruits and vegetables in the required quantities. Greens supplements help users get most of the nutrients present in vegetables and fruits without actually eating them. This doesn't mean they substitute vegetables and fruits from your diet; they just supplement your diet so that you get all the crucial nutrients that you need. Of all the greens supplements, Athletics Greens is perhaps the most well known and effective. It is a natural food supplement with nutritional formula that is designed to cater for needs of highly active people by increasing energy levels and boosting the immune system. Here is a look at the various aspects of Athletic Greens and why you should start using it.



Athletic Greens has over 70 ingredients that can be grouped into four broad categories discussed here:

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⦿   Nutrient Dense Greens

They are the main component of Athletic Greens. All of them are extracted from organic products. They include lecithin, spirulina, wheatgrass, apple powder, barley leaf, extract from bilberry fresh fruit, carrot root and broccoli flower powder. In making Athletic Greens, a lot of effort goes toward preserving the molecular structure of these superfoods. Before they are blended into the formula, they are first freeze-dried and then cold-milled. These two processes enable the molecular structure of the superfoods to remain intact and also prevent any damaging of nutrients or enzymes.

⦿   Pre and Pro-biotics Supplements

The main purpose of these supplements is to help in clearing the digestive system. By cleaning the gut, they allow digestion to take place fast as food does not stay in the stomach for long periods of time. When digestion is fast, it allows nutrients to be absorbed in the body quickly thus allowing you to increase your energy levels within a few hours of taking the supplement. In addition to the biotics, Athletic Greens has digestive enzymes that are naturally-occurring. These enzymes speed up the process of digestion so that nutrients get quickly absorbed and converted to energy for your body use.

⦿   Herbs and Antioxidants

The herbs and antioxidants included in the formula are extracted from raw foods of high very high quality. Such is the high quality of these foods that just one Athletic Greens serving contains antioxidants that you will get from around 12 servings of vegetables and fruits.

⦿    Minerals

Athletic Greens not only increases your energy level but also boosts the strength of your immune system. Among the ingredients of Athletic Greens are minerals that help maintain hormone levels that are healthy. Such hormone levels are important for the proper working of the immune system. The minerals used in making Athletics Greens include magnesium, chromium, vanadium and zinc.

Taste and Texture

Most people find the smell and taste of green supplements a turn off. Some have even complained of them having a taste similar to grass. The reason for this grassy and earth taste among most green supplements is the inclusion of quality superfoods such as algae, grasses and green vegetables in their formula. To mask this pungent smell that often puts off most people from using green supplements, makers of Athletics Greens add some chocolate, vanilla, fruits and stevia to make its taste tolerable to users. That is why the taste of Athletics Greens is quite different from that of a typical green supplement. Instead of the pungent smell common in other green supplements, the smell of Athletics Greens is mild, slightly sweet and pleasant. This makes it arguably the green supplement with the best taste.

Its texture is smooth. It is, therefore, easy to mix with any liquid that you may choose to blend the powder with.

How It Works

Athletics Greens has over 70 whole food ingredients. To make sure that all the nutrients in these ingredients stay intact, they are first freeze-dried and then made into a powder through cold-pressing. To take the supplement, you mix a tablespoon of the green powder with a glass of water and drink the mixture each day. However, very active individuals like athletes should take two – a glass in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Within an hour or two you shall start feeling increased body energy levels. This is because the nutrients in the Athletic Greens formula are usually ready for absorption. Once you take them in they are absorbed directly by the body and immediately broken down to produce energy.

Why Athletics Greens is Superior to Other Greens Supplements:

⦿     Ingredients

Compared to other greens supplements, Athletics Greens has a broader list of high-quality ingredients. Some of these ingredients are just unique to it. For example, it has beet, bilberry, and papaya that are very rare in other greens supplements.

⦿     Taste

The pungent smell of other greens supplements makes users struggle using them. Some even stop using them altogether. Thanks to other additions like chocolate, Athletic Greens has a sweet smell that makes it tolerable to its consumers.

Benefits of Using Athletic Greens

⦿     Increased energy levels

This is perhaps the main reason why many people use Athletic Greens. The formula contains nutrients that are ready for absorption and enzymes that greatly speed up the digestive process. As a result, energy is produced fast and in large quantities for your body use.

⦿    Better nutrient absorption

Thanks to the digestive enzymes and pro-biotic supplements, your body will be able to absorb nutrients very fast thus improving your overall health.

⦿     Strengthened immune system

The high-quality minerals in the formula boost your immune system thus putting your body in a position to better defend itself against attacks from disease-causing micro-organisms.

As the above analysis shows, Athletic Greens is a great supplement that helps improve your digestive health, absorb nutrients better, increase your energy levels and strengthen your immune system. Such a supplement is important not just for athletes but also for all those who for one reason or another are unable to consume enough vegetables and fruits to enjoy their health benefits.


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