Artificial intelligence

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Israeli facial recognition firm ranked most accurate in Western world

"We are creating the missing link in making our cities truly smart, our offices responsive, and our homes more livable,” said the company's CEO, Avi Golan.

Razor Labs - The new Industrial Revolution starts with this Israeli company

Razor Labs develops AI solutions to improve manufacturing processes, makes machines into smart machines.

Artificial intelligence

Can artificial intelligence predict whether someone will die from COVID?

An artificial intelligence algorithm developed by the University of Copenhagen managed to predict, with up to 90% accuracy whether someone undiagnosed is at risk of dying from COVID-19.


Kazuo Ishiguro talks about his first novel in six years

Ishiguro’s first novel in six years, Klara and the Sun is one of the most anticipated books of the season, from an author who has spent four decades exploring language and emotion.


Cloud-native AI Optibus raises $107m. for public transport planning

Optibus capabilities include artificial intelligence algorithms that improve mass transit for passengers while also increasing operational efficiency.

Sheba Medical Center campus

Israeli AI firm Nucleai, Sheba launch partnership for data collaboration

Sheba and Nucleai are working to advance the study of technological and AI-based solutions to aid in the discovery of histological biomarkers.

Anne Frank at her writing table in 1940; how many Anne Franks were lost in the Holocaust?

Watch: Anne Frank brought to life by one Reddit user and an Israeli app

A new app developed by the Israeli hi-tech company MyHeritage allows users to animate old family pictures using artificial intelligence features.

Israeli defense company looks to AI as game-changer in space and weapons

Israel Aerospace Industries is not the only defense company in Israel that has recognized the growing importance of AI in the future battlefield.

Yale Hospital first to use Israeli AI to combat pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a condition where one or more arteries in the lungs become blocked by a blood clot, possibly resulting in symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain and cough.


Weizmann Institute, Mohamed Bin Zayed University launch joint AI program

Joint research projects by teams from the two institutions will form the core of the program.

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