Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence
Israeli scientists study secrets of human brain to bring AI to next level

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University are exploring the bridge between neurosciences and machine learning again.

Coronavirus: Israeli researchers develop innovative diagnostic method

British company, whose R&D is entirely based in Herzliya, is already providing labs in the UK and the US with their advance diagnostic technique employing artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence
Social media giants warn of AI errors as coronavirus empties offices

In a blog post, Google said that to reduce the need for people to come into offices, YouTube and other business divisions are temporarily relying more on artificial intelligence and automated tools.

Intel AI gives women career advice for Int'l Women's Day

The AI said that women should fully invest in their careers, be confident, network, love, and trust their guts.

A CYBER hotline facility, part of Israel’s hi-tech innovative sector
Israeli AI chipmaker Hailo raises $60 million, total funding $88 million

Hailo said it will use the funding to bolster the ongoing global rollout of its deep learning chip

Israel cyber chief: We must protect AI-based vehicles from hacking

Every cyber attack on critical infrastructure in 2019 was thwarted

Vocalis Health
Our voice as a window to our health

Vocalis Health offers an ingenious approach that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to tap into the voice as a vocal biomarker for providing the least costly and most efficient healthcare.

Artificial intelligence
Ex-IDF intel chief Yadlin: AI, tech will not suddenly revolutionize war

Throughout history, anytime a new technology is introduced, it is eventually mitigated to some extent by countermeasures.

Health Minister Yakov Litzman  received the annual flu shot by Prof. Itamar Grotto in a school in Te
Israel launches its first AI-powered flu vaccination campaign

The program is especially important this year when many people have already died from the flu in Israel, and the virus is expected to take an exceptionally heavier toll than usual.

Robot on display at Terminator 3 premier in Los Angeles
Scientists warn AI control of nukes could lead to ‘Terminator-style’ war

The world may be inching closer to an apocalyptic nuclear war could be possible as control over nuclear weapons is yielded to artificial intelligence (AI).

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