Annual plan to set out Israel's national spending for a defined period

Amir Eshel, Director-General of the Defense Ministry
Eshel: Lack of budget has significant impact on Israel’s Defense Ministry

Amir Eshel, director-general of the Defense Ministry says they are running on ‘what was’ which does not allow for planning .

Defense Minister Benny Gantz at the Knesset plenum, Oct. 15, 2020
Gantz warns: Public will blame Netanyahu for elections

"If Netanyahu will not get his act together, the Knesset will be dispersed."

Israel's rain radar remains inoperative, November 2020
Is it raining? Without a radar, Israeli meteorologists remain in the dark

"As a forecaster, without a rain radar I am blind. Until someone dies and there is a disaster, no one will wake up."

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Net
Benny Gantz: Will call for an election if budget is not passed by December

Israel's state budget has been a contentious issue which has caused numerous problems in the Blue and White and Likud unity government.

Blue and White deadline passes without decision on coalition

"If this is not fixed by the end of the month, there is no point in continuing.”

Israeli parliament members vote at the Finance committee, during a vote on the 2017-2018 state budge
Senior Blue and White leaders believe no chance to pass 2021 budget

Should the 2021 budget be approved, Netanyahu would be practically unable to avoid handing over the premiership to Gantz in October 2021.

Treatments for COVID-risk patients at center of health basket discussions

Both heart and lung treatments are facing considerations for entry into the 2021 health basket, with patients considered at risk for the coronavirus.

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Net
The government needs to pass a state budget now

There is no greater evidence of incapacity to govern than the failure to pass a budget; a government that cannot govern should step aside.

Gov't approves budget for dealing with fire damage in Nof HaGalil

The plan is meant to provide Nof HaGalil with a budget of NIS 25 million that will be invested in rehabilitating public infrastructure and supporting residents.

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