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Alan Dershowitz arrives at Manhattan Federal Court in September
Dershowitz: I don't believe Virginia Giuffre's claims on Ehud Barak

Dershowitz and Barak are allegedly among the men, to whom Giuffre was trafficked.

Camp David II
20 years since Camp David summit: There was harm in trying

But historic events are not only successes; failures can also be historic in marking a turning point, a watershed moment. And Camp David was just that.

Ehud Barak: Netanyahu sits on Knesset's neck like cop on George Floyd's

The former prime minister also Netanyahu is to blame for his name being involved with Jeffrey Epstein.

Sealed depositions involving Jeffrey Epstein name Ehud Barak as offender

The sealed depositions were obtained by the outspoken Harvard professor in connection to a separate 2019 civil defamation lawsuit, filed by the same plaintiff Virginia Giuffre.

Protesters sue Yair Netanyahu for half a million NIS after Nazi comparison

The court filing quotes a tweet published by Yair in which he says "they remind me of the brown shirt thugs," referencing the Nazi Storm Trooper (SA) militia which helped Hitler rise to power.

Ehud Barak speaks at a press conference with his Israel Democratic Party.
Barak: Goal of first Lebanon War was to turn Jordan to Palestinian State

The former prime minister told Maariv that the late Ariel Sharon was very clear when he told ministers Israel’s end goal was to drive PLO into Jordan but they “didn’t understand or pretend not to."

Blue and White rejecting the Joint List repeats Ehud Barak's mistake

Over the past decades, Zionist parties abandoned their commitment to full equality, and have not even tried to include representatives of the Arab citizens on high places on their lists.

Ehud Barak speaks at a press conference with his Israel Democratic Party.
Barak: Netanyahu, in his current conditions, knows no bounds

The former prime minister said that political agreements of the sort suggested by President Reuven Rivlin “can’t be enforced.”

Ehud Barak: First results are worse than what I hoped

Barak added that there might be a unique opportunity to replace Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

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