Embassy move

Tel Aviv branch of the Embassy of the United States, Tel Aviv, Israel
US refuses to give Israel former Tel Aviv embassy – report

The old embassy's land is prime beachfront property on Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Street, worth considerably more than the embassy in Jerusalem's Arnona neighborhood.

Czech Republic affirms commitment to move embassy to Jerusalem

Czech President Miloš Zeman’s spokesman Jiří Ovčáček explained that moving the Czech embassy to Jerusalem is one of the president’s long-term goals.

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández and Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu
Honduras to move embassy to Jerusalem by end of year

Currently there are two foreign embassies in Jerusalem, with the United States having moved its embassy in May 2018, followed by Guatemala.

Viral video of 'confused' Serbian president is not what it seems

Belgrade wants to open Jerusalem embassy, be ‘most pro-Israel country in Europe’ • Does not rule out Israel-Kosovo ties as long as they’re below country-level

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci speaks during interview in Pristina, Kosovo August 14, 2018
What’s up with Kosovo? - analysis

Israel balked, unwilling to change a then decade-old policy of not extending recognition to the Muslim country in the heart of southeastern Europe?

Palestinians: We'll sever ties with nations that open a Jerusalem embassy

Trump has pushed for other countries to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem, and was the person who announced the Serbian and Kosovo decision.

Kosovo, Serbia to formalize ties with Israel, open JLM embassy

To date, only the US and Guatemala have embassies in Jerusalem. Most countries have chosen to place their embassies in the Tel Aviv area.

Nikki Haley: Obama, Biden led UN to denounce our friend Israel

Haley harshly criticized Obama-era foreign policies in relation to US-Israel ties, the Jerusalem embassy move, and votes in the UN on anti-Israel resolutions.

Trump: We moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem for the Evangelicals

His statement in Oshkosh is one of a number of comments he has made about the link between his pro-Israel policies and Christianity.

Canadian MP running for party leader pledges to move embassy to Jerusalem

He noted that doing so is in line with proper Canadian values, adding that he will stand up for Canada's allies - to which he specifically mentioned Israel.

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