temple mount history

Fish sales expected to jump as no-meat 'Nine Days' approach

The Nine Days begin on the first day of the Hebrew month of Av, nine days before the fast of Tisha Be'av (the ninth day of Av).

‘Navel of the world,’ through the ages

Embark on a photographic expedition of the Temple Mount – Jerusalem’s holiest and most contentious site.

Parshat Vayikra: Can there be a replacement for the Temple?

Yes, the Jewish nation survived. It maintained a strong national awareness and even returned to its land by the grace of God.

Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn with Seumas Milne.
The Golden Gate in history

Turning historical and holy sites of other religions into mosques does not erase history; it only confirms Muslim bigotry and intolerance.

Poll: 68% of Israeli Jews want Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Jewish Israelis think Israel should maintain its sovereignty over the Temple Mount

Palestinian women celebrate outside Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Jerusalem prayer-protests pass peacefully

After Temple Mount opened to men under 50, thousands come to al-Aksa.

The Temple Mount charade

There is nothing better to set the Arab world on fire than false claims that the Jewish state is altering the status quo on the Temple Mount.

Gabriel Barkay
Temple Mount sifting project at a crossroads

The roots of the project track back to 2009, when the Wakf began unlawfully excavating the Solomon’s Stables area to construct the underground Marwani Mosque.

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