Predator Trump: new book claims U.S. President has abusive past

In “All the President’s Women” reporters Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy reveal 43 previously unknown allegations of Trump abusing women.

US President Donald Trump (photo credit: REUTERS)
US President Donald Trump
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Is it possible that Karen Johnson is the person current US President Donald Trump had in mind when he said that, when one is famous, “women let you do anything you want?” 
In their new book All the President’s Women, Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy interviewed Johnson and 42 other women who claim that Trump, before entering the Oval Office, treated them in a variety of sexually and romantically inappropriate ways.  
According to Johnson, Trump invited her and her husband to a New Year’s Eve party roughly 20 years ago, waited until her husband left, and then grabbed her and forced her to kiss him. 
“He grabbed me there in my front and pulled me in,” she claimed, like Trump described how women “allow” him to behave in the tapes released by Access Hollywood in 2016. 
In the book, she describes Trump as a “monster” and “an immature child.” 
In June, columnist E. Jean Carrol claimed that Trump raped her in NYC roughly 20 years ago.