Palestinian hurls explosive at IDF, shot dead by soldiers

Duvdevan undercover elite unit had entered Kalandiya to arrest a wanted security suspect.

IDF soldiers at a temporary checkpoint in the West Bank [File] (photo credit: REUTERS)
IDF soldiers at a temporary checkpoint in the West Bank [File]
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Palestinian man was shot dead in a clash with soldiers in Kalandiya on Tuesday after he threw an explosive device at a unit arresting a wanted security suspect.
A Duvdevan commando unit entered Kalandiya in the morning and arrested a suspect. On its way out, the unit was attacked by Palestinians, one of whom, Mahmoud Adwan, hurled an explosive at them, the army said.
Soldiers fired at the assailant, killing him.
The IDF is investigating the incident.
Security forces remained in the area to prevent further outbreaks of violence.
The Duvdevan elite undercover unit has taken a lead role in counterterrorism raids in the West Bank due to its expertise in making such arrests.
The flashpoint Kalandiya area between Jerusalem and Ramallah is known as a hotbed of violence and has seen frequent protests and demonstrations by Palestinians.
Earlier on Tuesday, the IDF arrested seven security suspects across the West Bank. Six were arrested on suspicion of taking part in rioting and attacks on civilians and security forces. Arrests were made in Nablus, Kalandiya, Azariya (Bethany) and Hebron, where three suspects were arrested. The suspects have been taken for questioning.