WATCH: Goldins release video calling for tougher Israeli stance on Hamas

Project Oz is a campaign by the Goldin family to change the "equation with Hamas."

Video released by Hadar Goldin's family July 9, 2017 (Credit:
The family of Lt. Hadar Goldin, an IDF officer killed in 2014's Operation Protective Edge and whose body is held captive by Hamas, released a video as part of their campaign, "Project Oz" on Sunday, calling to change the way Israel deals with Hamas and terrorist organizations.
The animated video depicts the situation in which Hamas is holding their son's remains captive while criticizing the Israeli government and its approach to dealing with the Palestinian terrorist organization.
The video explains that Goldin's body is an asset and a playing card for Hamas to receive a terrorist prisoner exchange, similar to what happened with Gilad Schalit in 2011.
The Goldin family claims that in order for their son's body to stop being an asset to Hamas, Israel needs to stop "giving Hamas candies."
The treats referred to in the video include the good conditions of Hamas terrorists in Israeli prisons, such as the allowance of family visits from Gaza and canteen purchases.
They also criticized Israel's purchase of produce from the Gaza Strip instead of from Israeli farmers and the allowance of supply trucks, including concrete trucks, into Gaza. The video stated that "we all know what [the concrete trucks] are used for," hinting to the Hamas tunnels which a key component of Protective Edge's mission was to destroy them.
The video referenced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's book Terrorism: How the West Can Win, written in 1987, and criticized Netanyahu's apparent softness toward Hamas in light of his writing.
The Goldins claim that Western countries will follow Israel if they toughen up on Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and that this would be a strategic move to decrease the motivation of terror organizations to kidnap soldiers.
The video also criticized the Israeli cabinet for not implementing their decision in January 2017 to apply pressures on Hamas.
At the end of the video, Zur Goldin, Hadar's brother, asks for the public's engagement to help change Israel's approach to terror and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.
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