Hamas TV glorifies jihad, urges 'Death to Israel!'

'Death to Israel, the occupation, and the Zionist terror!' Palestinians tuning in were told.

A PALESTINIAN woman protests for Palestinian prisoners (photo credit: REUTERS)
A PALESTINIAN woman protests for Palestinian prisoners
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas has broadcast an advert glorifying terrorism and the killing of innocent Israelis in jihad, NGO Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has revealed.
A one-minute filler aired on Hamas-run al-Aqsa TV on August 29, 2020, depicts a group of Palestinian terrorists in jail, watching a news report on a (fictional) suicide bombing in Tel Aviv which has claimed 19 lives. The prisoners leap to their feet and cheer, before realizing that one of their group is crying. When an inmate asks him why, he reveals that he had wanted to be part of the suicide bombing operation. His fellow inmate assures him that Allah will reward him for being jailed as a terrorist.
The video is by no means atypical of the output on Hamas-run TV. Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors Palestinian media output, watched a full day of television broadcast on August 23 2020, and found numerous examples of anti-Israel, anti-Jew and pro-terror messages.
"Hamas’ broadcasts demonstrate the depths of hate Hamas disseminates against Israel and Jews alongside its pro-terror and murder messages," the NGO noted.
Among the materials aired on that day was a broadcast of Ismail Ashqar MP addressing the Hamas Parliament.
“The fire [in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969] is still burning and still has not been extinguished since its occupation by the Zionist terror," he said.
"Because the Muslims are distracted from it, and they are in a deep slumber … The arson in Jerusalem demands a greater arson that will burn its thieves, burn the attacking sons of Zion, burn the lowly Arabs and non-Arabs, burn those (i.e., the PA) who are carrying out security coordination [with Israel] and those dealing in [Jerusalem’s] sanctity, and burn whoever normalizes their relations (i.e., UAE) and flatters the occupation. Long live Jerusalem, free and proud! … Long live Palestine, free and eternal; and death to Israel, the occupation, and the Zionist terror!”
A filler segment on the same day intermixed images of masked Hamas terrorists wielding assault rifles with an excerpt of a speech by Hamas Political Bureau member Khalil Al-Hayya, who said: “We are saying to the occupation that we are primed and ready, and our hands are squeezing the trigger. We’re not afraid of threats or hints about an attack here or killings or bombings. Know that bombings will be answered with bombings. Rockets will be answered with rockets. Casualties will be answered with casualties! Palestine – its people lives! And it has fortunate heroic men. They will sacrifice their blood and all that is precious to them in defense of their land, defense of their Jerusalem, defense of their heritage, and defense of their present and future!”
Another filler featured a song glorifying past terror attacks, as well as the capture of Gilad Shalit and the holding of the bodies of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, who were killed during the 2014 Gaza War.
"Day and night we are preparing tunnels… We came from below, from the land, from the air…" the lyrics ran, "We will never forget the Martyr prisoners who were led as grooms to Heaven…"
A third showed a close-up of someone's hand attempting to open a prison cell door with various keys. One labelled [UN] 'Security Council' fails to open the door, as does another labelled 'negotiations.' Ultimately a hand of a Hamas fighter with a black sleeve and black fingerless tactical gloves with a key labeled 'resistance' succeeds in opening the door and freeing the prisoner inside. As a prisoner and a Hamas fighter exit the prison, images of various imprisoned terrorists appeared on screen.
A fourth featured a Hamas fighter loading bullets into a magazine and shooting at a hand with an Israeli flag drawn along the arm. The Israeli hand is grasping a white dove symbolizing Palestinian prisoners, and when it is shot, the dove is set free.