IDF forces arrest 11 Palestinians overnight in West Bank

Security forces investigating suspects, including seven Hamas operatives.

IDF soldier handcuffs a man (photo credit: REUTERS)
IDF soldier handcuffs a man
(photo credit: REUTERS)
IDF forces arrested 11 Palestinian suspected in the West Bank overnight between Sunday and Monday, a military spokeswoman confirmed.
Eight of the detained were suspected of throwing rocks and launching fire bombs and fireworks toward security forces.
Of the 11, one suspect was arrested in the village of Atil near Tukarem. During the arrest, IDF forces uncovered a shotgun and a 16M assault rifle.
Security forces also arrested a Hamas operative in Nablus and five others in Beit Awwa, west of Hebron. Two others, including one Hamas member, were arrested in Hebron.
Near Jericho in the town of al-Auja, one more Palestinian suspect was apprehended.
Security forces were investigating the suspects.