'ISIS atrocities based on Talmudic rituals,' says Syrian expert

According to the expert, the means and style by which the Islamic State doles out violence is different from other groups, and is therefore Israel's fault.

ISIS Warns of new Attacks  (photo credit: ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA)
ISIS Warns of new Attacks
(photo credit: ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA)
Syrian experts have deduced the source of the Islamic State's savagery - an insidious Israeli influence.
According to Hessam Shoaib, a Syrian analyst who shared his revelations with Iran's semi-official FARS news agency, the means and style by which the Islamic State group doles out violence stands apart from the actions of other groups in the region, and is therefore Israel's fault.
"Israel's presence in [Islamic State's] command center is indicated by the savagery of this terrorist group that is based on Talmudic rituals," Shoaib said.
Shoaib did not provide any particular excerpts from the Talmud to corroborate his point, but FARS did juxtapose their commentator's remarks with the latest of the self-styled caliphate's filmed atrocities, among them the drowning execution of five individuals who were locked in a cage before being lowered into a pool.
In another video, three of the group's captives are locked in a car and later shot with a rocket-propelled grenade.
A third segment features seven men bound together, an explosive device attached to their necks. The video then records the decapitation of the men when the device is detonated.
The Islamic State has featured a host of gruesome deaths as propaganda tools meant to galvanize potential recruits from across the world into joining its cause, yet while some Arab Israelis have left the country to join them, Israel's Talmudic sages have yet to send their pupils to consult the jihadists on their tactics.