Kindergarten students in east Jerusalem act out IDF murdering Palestinian

Incident under investigation by the education ministry

Kindergarten students depict Israeli soldier killing Palestinian
Kindergarten students at the Dar al-Hekma school in Beit Hanina, a neighborhood in northeast Jerusalem, put on a play last week, depicting a kippa-clad IDF soldier shooting a Palestinian after the soldier pays off a collaborator, who throws his money in the air, dancing in celebration.
The video was posted on the Arabic-language Himma News site and then quickly taken down, leaving only still photos from the event.
In the few minutes the video was online, Eli Kreminchuker downloaded the video and uploaded it to “Arabist,” his Facebook news page dealing with Middle East events and in particular terrorism.
The video, which is still available to view on the “Arabist” page, also features kindergarten girls calling out that Palestinian prisoners of Israel are spending the best years of their lives in jail but will, with the help of God, kill all the collaborators and “occupiers.”
One of the girls can be heard saying “The collaborator is a traitor! He sold himself, his people, and his homeland!” At the end of the play, the children hold up pictures of senior Palestinian security prisoners, among them Abbas a-Sayyid, planner of Hamas’s 2002 Park Hotel Passover suicide bombing in Netanya that killed 30 civilians and wounded 140, and Marwan Barghouti, leader of Fatah’s Tanzim militia, who is serving five life terms and 40 years in prison for five murders and an attempted murder.
The background music for the play appears to be a song by the Ferkat al-Walad band, known for its songs that praise “martyrdom” and jihad.
The Dar al-Hekma school is under the auspices of the Education Ministry. The ministry said it views the event “very seriously” and that the incident “will be reviewed at the district level. The office will operate in accordance with the findings of the review.”