Palestinian arrested with ax in West Bank, claims he held weapon for self-defense

In separate incident, Palestinian shot after escape attempt during washroom break.

Axe found on Palestinian (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Axe found on Palestinian
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
A Palestinian was apprehended in the West Bank early Monday morning for carrying an ax that he claimed he was holding for self defense. 
Police said it stopped a car on Highway 5 that was traveling in a suspicious manner and while questioning the driver, a man from the village of Siris, they noticed a shiny and sharp object laying at his feet.
The man claimed he was traveling with the ax for self defense purposes. Police arrested him and took him in for further questioning. 
Later in the day, Border Police forces arrested a Palestinian in the West Bank near the Tapuah checkpoint who tried to escape from police custody and as a result police opened fire and shot him in the lower extremities.
The Palestinian, who was arrested for questioning on past allegations, was handcuffed when he asked the police if he could use the washroom at the checkpoint. The police agreed, and released the restraints. When the man exited the washroom he pushed aside the police forces and began to run to the nearby village. Police began to chase after the suspect who did not stop following a warning shot in the air so they shot him in the lower body.
Border Police medical personnel treated the man at the scene who was then transferred to hospital.