Palestinian woman severely burned in Duma arson attack dies in Israeli hospital

News of Reham Dawabshe's death broke over 24 hours after her condition had significantly deteriorated, according to hospital officials at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

Riham Dawabshe (right) with her family (photo credit: ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA)
Riham Dawabshe (right) with her family
(photo credit: ARAB SOCIAL MEDIA)
Reham Dewabsha, 27, died just after midnight Sunday of severe burn wounds she sustained in the July 31 arson attack on her small single family home in the West Bank Palestinian village of Duma.
She is the third fatality from that fire, which was allegedly set by Jewish extremists. Her 18-month old son, Ali, was killed immediately and her husband Sa’ad, 31, died a week later.
Hospital officials at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer where she had been hospitalized after the fire, had already announced on Saturday that Reham was close to death.
The condition of Reham's surviving four-year-old son, Ahmed, also hospitalized at Sheba, was improving.
Reham's family had gathered by her bedside for her last hours.
Prior to her death, her cousin Manor Dawabshe said he felt she had already left them.
"For a month she has been unconscious and connected to a breathing machine and she has not really been with us. Every day we come to the hospital, and we stay with her, but there is no change. From my perspective, I lost her already then during the fire. But this is still very sad. It is very difficult also to think about little Ahmed who already lost his brother and his father, and now this is happening."
"I can't imagine a more horrible situation," Manor added.  
The Duma attack triggered an outpouring of condemnations from across the political spectrum in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon called it an act of terrorism.
Since the Duma attack, security forces have cracked down on Jewish extremists, arresting and releasing dozens of suspects. But charges have not been brought against anyone for the attack.
Amit Tomer contributed to this report.