Police expect indictments for 25 Kafr Kana rioters

Police say fighting likely to taper off in coming weeks.

Protest in Kafr Kana (photo credit: Courtesy)
Protest in Kafr Kana
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Police expect indictments to be filed on Wednesday against 25 rioters arrested in and around Kafr Kana in recent days, a senior police official said Tuesday evening.
A total of 54 rioters have been arrested in the clashes that have broken out in the North since the fatal shooting of a Kafr Kana man by police on Friday night.
Police assessments hold that within the next week or two, there could well be an ebb in both the rioting in the North and the rioting connected to the Temple Mount. Police have made the decision to move away from a more offensive approach to the rioting, particularly on the Temple Mount, and are putting more effort into dialogue with local leaders, businessmen and residents – most of it behind the scenes – to try and put an end to the violence.
Also on Tuesday, police began a nationwide campaign to arrest Palestinians illegally residing in the country. Police said that on the first day of the operation, they had arrested around 200 Palestinians who were in Israel illegally, as well as 13 Israelis who were illegally employing them.
The campaign came after the Monday murder of an IDF soldier, allegedly at the hands of an 18-year-old Palestinian who was in Israel without a permit.