Rioter killed in clashes with IDF, 100th Palestinian fatality of current terror wave

Palestinian killed while throwing Molotov cocktail at soldiers during security raid on West Bank village.

Palestinian rock-throwers attack Israeli troops near Bethlehem (photo credit: REUTERS)
Palestinian rock-throwers attack Israeli troops near Bethlehem
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Palestinian was killed while throwing a Molotov cocktail at soldiers during a security raid on the West Bank village of Katana, south of Ramallah on Thursday morning, the IDF said.  
He was the one hundredth Palestinian fatality of the current terror wave that has hit Israel and the West Bank.
Soldiers had conducted a search around a suspected home when a clash broke out involving several rioters, who threw large rocks and firebombs at soldiers, an army spokeswoman added. 
Soldiers first responded with non-lethal crowd control means, but when they spotted a suspect hurling firebombs, they felt their lives to be in danger, and directed live fire at the suspect, striking and killing him, according to the spokeswoman.
During the raid, soldiers arrested five suspects and seized ammunition, knives, binoculars, and IDF uniforms and equipment.
The army said the village has become a central launch point for terrorists who have carried out attacks within Israel and the West Bank, including the murder of Cpl. Ziv Mizrahi, who was stabbed to death at a gas station on Route 443 on Monday.
In a separate operation on Thursday, during an arms raid in the Palestinian village of A-Zawiya, southeast of Kalkilya, soldiers from the Kfir infantry brigade's Duchifat battalion seized an M-16 assault rifle.
The army arrested a total of 20 security suspects in West Bank raids overnight between Wednesday and Thursday, 13 of who allegedly took part in unorganized terrorism and violent disturbances.
Arrests occurred in the village of Rai, southwest of Jenin, Jalkamus, west of Jenin, where a Hamas member was arrested, and in the city of Kalkilya, where the IDF arrested three security suspects.
Other arrests occurred near Nablus, Ramallah, and Beitunia, as well as in villages near Bethlehem.
The army arrested four suspects in Hebron overnight, two of them Hamas operatives. 
Noam Amir contributed to this report.