IDF soldier seriously wounded in stabbing attack near Kiryat Arba

The terrorist who perpetrated the attack was shot and killed.

Israeli teen seriously wounded in stabbing attack near Kiryat Arba
On Monday morning a Palestinian stabbed a 19-year-old soldier in the neck near the Beit Einun junction that is located close to the Kiryat Arba settlement and the West Bank city of Hebron. Security forces shot and killed the assailant, Raed Jaradat, 22.
A Magen David Adom paramedic said that when they arrived at the scene the victim had multiple stab wounds in the upper part of his body and was conscious.
“We gave him life saving treatment so he could be moved quickly into surgery. On the way [to the hospital], we worked to stop his bleeding.”
Paramedic Aharon Adler said that they were in touch with the Sha’are Zedek Medical Center’s trauma unit from the ambulance.
Upon arrival at the hospital in Jerusalem the victim was immediately whisked into surgery.
Later in the afternoon the hospital reported that the soldier had survived the operation and was in stable, but serious condition.
Violence, however, continued to erupt near Beit Einun. Some 150 Palestinians clashed with the IDF in the nearby village of Sa’ir.
Palestinian sources said that during the clashes a soldier shot Lyad Jaradat, 19, in the head with live ammunition. Lyad later died in an area hospital.
The IDF said it knew nothing about a fatality but confirmed that Palestinian rioters in the area had thrown stones at soldiers, who responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets.
An army spokesman said a rubber  bullet hit a Palestinian in the lower body, adding that the rioter fell and injured his head.
On Sunday, Palestinian assailants injured two Israelis in two separate attacks, one in the Gush Etzion Region of the West Bank and the other near the city of Ariel in the Samaria Region.