IDF investigates brief detention of Palestinian youth

Rights group says 11-year-old boy suspected of throwing stones in West Bank city of Hebron is disabled.

B'Tselem video of IDF detaining developmentally disabled boy, October 20, 2014
The human rights group B’Tselem released a video on Monday showing Israeli soldiers in Hebron briefly detaining a developmentally disabled Palestinian boy suspected of throwing stones.
B’Tselem said the 11-year-old boy was detained after Palestinian children threw stones at soldiers on a road in the West Bank city near the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba. The video shows the IDF soldiers handcuffing, blindfolding and moving the boy into an army jeep.
B’Tselem, who said the minor is disabled and cannot speak, claimed he was kept in the jeep for around 15 minutes until his father convinced the soldiers to release him.
In response to the released footage, the IDF said it was called to the area to arrest two stone throwers. Forces that arrived caught two Palestinians throwing stones at the nearby Jewish settlement, it said. The IDF said it arrested and imprisoned an adult rock thrower who was on probation and that the second individual, the youth seen in the video, was released a few minutes after he was apprehended.
The IDF said it would look into the incident.