WATCH: Israeli forces demolish homes of terrorist in deadly December stabbing

The demolition of the West Bank houses came months after the two Palestinians executed the stabbing attack near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's Old City that left two Israeli men dead.

IDF demolishes homes of terrorists from December attack
Israel security forces overnight between Sunday and Monday destroyed the West Bank homes of two Palestinians who carried out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem that left two Israelis dead in December. 
The IDF, working in cooperation with Border Police and COGAT's Civil Administration, destroyed the homes of Issa Yassin Yousef Asaf and Anan Mahmoud Salah Hamad in Kalandiya.
The demolition came months after the two executed the deadly stabbing attack near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. In footage of the demolition released by the IDF on Monday, one of the homes is seen from an aerial view being blown up.
Attack victim Rabbi Reuven Biermacher died from wounds sustained in the attack while Jerusalem resident Ofer Ben-Ari, 40, died by accidental Border Police fire targeting the terrorists.
The attack took place in a busy area outside the Old City where thousands of tourists from around the globe were preparing to celebrate Christmas.
Border Police officers in the area arrived at the scene and shot the terrorists. One was killed and the second died of his wounds later in hospital.
Both terrorists were both convicted felons prior to the attack. Hamad was imprisoned in 2010 after entering the Kalandiya checkpoint with a knife to attack security personnel, and Asaf was incarcerated in 2015 for participating in unspecified terrorist activity.
Daniel K. Eisenbud contributed to this report.