Hezbollah: Hollywood is a Jewish conspiracy

Al Manar television network launched a program last week, broadcasting their discovery that Hollywood is a tool for the Jews to "conquer all the world."

Superman (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Hollywood has always been known as a place where dreams come true, but Hezbollah says this is a conspiracy invented by Jews.
"A Jewish invention that changed the way Americans view America," is the way Hezbollah describes it.
Hezbollah-run Al Manar television network launched a program last week, translated to English by MEMRI television network, broadcasting their discovery that Hollywood is a tool for the Jewish people to "conquer all the world."
"The American Jews felt rejected by real American society. Therefore, they tried to change society's opinion of them by inventing cinematic characters that would serve as role models," says university professor Farroukh Majidi in the video interview.
Majidi says that his people also want to take over the world as the Jews do, but they are not successful because they do not have the skill-set. "They know how to do it, and we don't. With this technology, with this equipment, with this skillfulness of the people. In this way, you believe that they are different. They know exactly how to use it."
Using the character of Superman as an example, Majidi expresses his belief that Jews in Hollywood create outsider characters who do not fit into society, but who are strong enough to overcome any obstacle, and even induce fear.
He specifically mentions Joe Schuster, the Jewish man who created the infamous superhero, saying that he skillfully made Superman an emotionally relatable character, so people would identify with him. "Everybody wanted to be like Superman, the hero from outer space who could not fit in society as superman."
However, he says, if you make people think, you can change their opinions.
"If you hit the heart of somebody, the result is short term. But if you hit his brain, then the result is long term." He adds that part of this is making people believe these ideas are their own, and not fed to them from television characters.
He says that this is not the main problem, the characters. The problem is the mass media and American media's "penetration" through television and movies.
He also mentions the "so-called Holocaust," as he refers to it, and the film Schindler's List, saying that Universal Studios, who was founded by a Jew, perpetuated the story of the "so-called Holocaust."
"Undoubtedly, the goal was to take over the greatest superpower in the world, to control all aspects of its daily life, and to harness it in the service of Jewish goals worldwide," he says.