Tel Aviv women wear winter in style

Documenting women in Israel and their knack for looking fantastic, no matter what the occasion.

Tel Aviv winter style (photo credit: Lauren Izso)
Tel Aviv winter style
(photo credit: Lauren Izso)
Tel Aviv winters are somewhat of a doozy. One minute sunny beach weather; the next is a windy monsoon of disaster. That’s why it’s important for Tel Avivians to always keep one thing in mind when choosing winter outfits. Layers.
An evening stroll down Rothschild in the heart of Tel Aviv is a great way to enjoy a calm winter evening, but you never know when disaster will strike, so being prepared is a necessity.
Irene Tesler was out and about on an evening stroll with her new husband and adorable puppy, and wearing an impeccable winter get-up. The 32-year-old fashionista paired simple black booties with an over-sized grey poncho-sweater. The black trim on her Zara sweater pulls her entire outfit together and certainly kept her cozy.
Who says sweaters can’t be flattering? Tesler’s precise, but simple combination of black and grey are casual, but super sophisticated. The deep red clutch gives her a hint of color, but not too much to overshadow her bold sweater choice. Since the weather was less than ideal, she was bundled up in her wooly sweater, but you can bet that whatever she had on underneath was equally as fabulous. She was prepared for any weather surprises, as every true Tel Avivian should at this time of year.
Leather is also a Tel Aviv winter staple. No matter what the temperature, leather is always appropriate and can add a bit of spice to just about any outfit.
Nineteen year-old Lea Calderone demonstrated this nicely while she was running a few late-night errands on King George Street. The jacket dresses her skirt down, and keeps her warm. Fashionable and practical.
Long maxi skirts are a great wardrobe addition for any Tel Aviv fashionista. While they are flattering and can be quite elegant, they are comfortable. With a pair of tights underneath, they will keep you warm under any weather circumstances, and no one needs to see them. Hidden black tights under a maxi skirt: The most wonderful winter secret you will ever have.
It’s important to remember when standing in front of your closet on a winter morning, trying to decide what to wear, that weather is unpredictable, so be prepared. As long as you have all bases covered, there is no need to worry about the weather. After all, there are much more important things to worry about.
Try it: Buy plain black tights. A lot of them. They are a staple and will never go out of style. They are available everywhere and are inexpensive. Under an over-sized sweater, a maxi skirt, or even a summer dress that’s hidden at the back of your closet. Black tights turn almost anything into a winter appropriate combination.Warning: There is such a thing as too much. While layers are key for this season, overdoing it can make you look like a scary bag lady. And not to mention, can be heavy and uncomfortable. So, be careful. While bringing a sweater along is necessary, bringing three sweaters, a scarf, and a jacket is just silly.