Rossella Tercatin

Rossella Tercatin

Rossella Tercatin is an Italian journalist based in Jerusalem and a breaking news editor at the Jerusalem Post.
A Palestinian incendiary balloon that landed in a field in Israel

Hamas reportedly sends message to Israel about halting balloons

A medical team performing Alpha Tau treatment

How Israeli technology saved 78-year-old Leah from skin cancer

Operation Benjamin ceremony at the Manila American Cemetery on February 12, 2020.

Jewish soldiers buried under a cross, mistake fixed 75 years later

A Spanish flag flutters in the air as the capital of Spain is seen from the observatory deck of Madr

Five centuries after expulsion, Madrid to open its first Jewish museum

Graffiti in Arab village of Jish in suspected 'price tag' attack on February 11, 2020.

‘Price tag’ attack uncovered in Arab village in northern Israel

Location of the pathological vertebrae in a hadrosaur skeleton. The space that contained the overgro

Tumor found in dinosaur fossil sheds light on modern childhood disease


First Arab Muslim rider joins Israel’s only professional cycling team

The Italian flag waves over the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy May 30, 2018

Antisemitic graffiti painted on Jewish family’s door in Turin

Jars found at Abel-Beth-Maacah.

Was the Bible right? Inscription may confirm ancient Israel’s borders


Yehudah Glick suggests coronavirus outbreak stems from human rights abuse


As coronavirus epidemic intensifies, Chabad China displays solidarity

Horse Figurine.

Hezekiah failed to eradicate all cult practices, researchers claim

3,400-year-old Egyptian anchor uncovered in Israel on display at the Israel Museum.

3,400-year-old Egyptian artifact uncovered in Israel on display in Jerusalem

The Italian flag waves over the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy May 30, 2018

15.6% of Italians think the Holocaust never happened; in 2004, it was 2.7%


Democratic senators, including Sanders and Warren, criticize Trump’s peace plan

A staff member checks the temperature of a passenger entering a subway station, as the country is hi

How are Jews in China coping with the coronavirus?


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