Leaks From PM Netanyahu, Abbas & President Trump's Secret Discussions on Peace & Jerusalem

A high-placed source in President Trump's Administration leaked the following things while waiting around for the President and Prime Minister Netanyahu to conclude their private discussions.
The source shared about the visit to Bethlehem, where President Trump and Abbas visited a school. "Abbas explained to the children that he [Abbas] is a big proponent of the peace process, saying 'We love it. It's the process by which we get more pieces.'"
Abbas further sought to build rapport and shared how the Americans and Arabs aren't so different. "You give your kids balls and construction toys. We give them ball bearings and nails."
President Trump also called Prime Minister Netanyahu from Bethlehem, while he was with Abbas, and asked the two just to speak. Here's what our source recorded:
"PM Netanyahu: Can you just recognize us as a Jewish State?
Abbas: No.
- Look, we're sincere. We'll release a bunch of murderers from jail to make you happy and fill the vacancies for PA towns lacking mayors. 
- No.
- I'll build you homes on our land. You won't have to rely on the Europeans doing it illegally! Can you just recognize Tel Aviv as a Jewish state?
- Hmmm?
- Wait, aren't you going to say 'no'?
- Oh, sorry, I was just checking my What's App. And, 'no.'
- We invented instant messagers. ICQ!
- Oh, wow! Now I love Israel and want to recognize you as a Jewish state.
- Really?
- No.
- Ok, let's talk about Jerusalem instead. Have you read the Koran? I have...
- Refresh my memory?..
- Jerusalem isn't even in there once. Can you at least stop claiming it's yours?
- Al-Quds! It's holy! Never!
[President Trump, excited, in the background: "Hey, he didn't say, 'no!' "]
- PM Netanyahu: Come on Abbas. When was the last time you prayed on the Temple Mount?
- When was the last time you prayed there, Ben? "
To the Jewish People (or more accurately, Hebrew People whose revolutionary identity and message emerged in the Exodus), Chag Yerushalayim Sameach.
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