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Normalization deals can benefit Palestinians - Mladenov to NYT

"Neither Israel nor the Arab countries will want to ruin the treaty, giving other countries leverage in Israel."

EFRAT. IS it time to annex this Gush Etzion community?

Is the Israel Victory Project still needed?

The role of Israel Victory offers the only path to end Palestinian rejectionism.

A Palestinian woman steps on a replica of an Israeli flag during an event marking Land Day near the

Palestinians launch campaign to boycott IDF humanitarian, economic aid

The campaign comes on the heels of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s May 19 decision to renounce all agreements and understandings with Israel and the US, including security cooperation.

Voices from the Arab press: The Enemy's Deal

The Palestinian issue has finally been brought back to life. Reactions to the “Deal of the Century” were unsurprising

Palestinians take part in a rally in support of president Mahmoud Abbas, in Hebron

Fatah: PA has begun 'gradual disengagement' from Israel

He did not specify the nature of the measures taken by the PA government, but said that they would take into consideration the interests and needs of the Palestinians.

Riad al-Malki

PA FM: 'Abbas ready to meet Netanyahu with no preconditions'

The invitation to meet would have to come from Putin, "the one who will create the best conditions for a meeting to take place and for a meeting to be successful," according to Al-Malki.

Oslo Accords

25 Years After Oslo: Constructive destruction

The US-Israeli position, whereby refugees could “return” to the Palestinian state, remain in place or move elsewhere with compensation, is the only viable solution.

No reason to evacuate settlements, U.S. ambassador tells Israeli group

“There is no reason to evacuate settlements,” Friedman told the group, according to MK Yehuda Glick (Likud).

Israelis overwhelmingly skeptical about Trump peace plan

The poll found that the public backs negotiating with the Palestinians - 58% are either strongly or moderately in favor - but a small percentage believe the talks will succeed, just 17.8%.

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