Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies are good to have which most likely has been said many times in many different ways over many years.  I have interests which don't always make it to the hobby stage despite having several hobbies at this time. My game is losing interest to me with blogging being as important to me or spiritually more so than cooking. I take a cooking class now for the last few months while developing skills and contacts (friends.)

The life channel I believe has a few cooking shows, and so do most television channels. I feel a food blog would take me out of my skill range because to my knowledge I am just getting good at cutting vegetables. Cutting meat may take a while with knife selection for all types of food being something to learn.

We select a meal plan at the end of the month for the following month with all students participating. So far Quiche was the best for me to enjoy from someone else's work while I loved my Greek salad. I love salads including Caesars or Asian mixes with Indian salads being new for me. Vegetable selection cleaning and cutting makes a difference for sure.

We all sort of work together over two hours making certain that we know what each other is doing for the most part. I check everyone's meal so that I may pick up some knowledge from everyone in my class. Safety I watch everyone for involvement so that I learn how to act in a kitchen with others appropriately. Cleanliness is a part of security with hands being washed and gloved when or if necessary.

Now an interesting thing for me is the last class of the month when we pick the next month's choices. My knowledge of different dishes is rather small with my taste beginning to expand each level. I eat all the food I take home myself every week unless going into the freezer for my late night snacks. Now I am beginning to plan what could be big for me in the future.

I have a small family so I may get in the habit of cooking individual meals for my family or larger meals with leftovers frozen for later. A freezer would be handy for my family simply able to reach in and grab something except my daughter is too young for that at this time. Now I am intending on taking the making kids snacks course in September as well as sandwich making.

So far in life, I have only really enjoyed sandwiches made by people other than myself. How to get a proper layer of meats with cheese or vegetables takes some work. At the location of my class, there were some excellent sandwiches available to try with me enjoying several. Very dark bread mixed with white layers varying in hardness was new to me. I intend on trying pressed sandwiches soon at a local restaurant.

The class size varies week to week with only a few of us being able to show up on time because we don't have the family size of other participants. It is cool to see who will be able to show up, so we know who makes what meal. For sure it never really matters who is in what position because we all do well.

Three meals made from scratch often the sauces are put together that way as well with the spice of all sorts available with healthy cooking instruction sheets. Most participants take pictures of the whole process often posting online the better creations week after week. On my own, at home, my cooking and baking have improved with baking becoming less of interest for me. Baking has sort of been replaced because of my interest in taking longer to make the right meal come together. A meal made from the heart will fill the belly better every time.

Cooking won't replace blogging for me, but I guess my hobby has changed my life a bit since starting out with baking bread on my own. Using Yeast is kind of fun watching it brew before being kneaded into the bread dough? Adding special touches to baking or cooking from reading or watching television is exciting to see if it will turn out the same for me.

With my participation in the class have come some other kind things for me since my first week. I have found a new home by networking with staff as well as finding a group where I can share opinions. Cooking is an adventure with no intent on making a television appearance ever lol. Learning a new technique is possible weekly with me intently watching for one used by others?

Friends are likely now because before when I had my career all, I saw other people were on the way to work doing the same as me. In friendships, camaraderie is essential or common interests to bind the time together. Making friends through investment classes is the perfect way to start a new life in a new town when out of other possibilities.

When all you have is the career, then the family is a dream but if you already have those hobbies or interests can keep you away or out of the reach of bad habits. I gave up smoking since taking up my class which made me feel kind of dumb since I don't drink anymore either not feeling very spiritual because of that other habit. Spirituality is something I like to write about including religion or culture as possible topics on my day to the day list.

Talking about politics religion and culture left me out of many conversations which disheartened me because I didn't feel that I was judgmental with anyone at all. I like people but having meaningful conversations is easier when you have some interests or hobbies to enjoy. Before I played my game blogged or cooked baked etc. it was just religion politics or security topics of the day. Boring is something that was never said to me despite the lack of phone calls or acknowledgments. Starting a hobby today can happen by journaling about your interests for self-discovery purposes.