Obama's 'Bibi hang-up' blinding him to international dangers

This whole Obama-Bibi Netanyahu is so immature, certainly for someone who bills himself as "Leader of the Free World," or "leader of anything."
To be perfectly honest, I think that something very radical should have been done against Iran over a decade ago, when their nuclear development had begun and was more self-contained. I googled for a timeline of "nuclear Iran" and here are three I found: Wikipedia: August 2002: A spokesman for the MEK terrorist group holds a press conference to "expose" two nuclear facilities in Natanz and Arak that they claim to have discovered.
However, the sites were already known to US intelligence. Furthermore, under the terms of Iran's then-existing safeguards agreement with the IAEA, Iran was under no obligation to disclose the facilities while they were still under construction and not yet within the 180-day time limit specified by the safeguards agreement.
December 2002: The United States accuses Iran of attempting to make nuclear weapons... BBC: 2002 September - Russian technicians begin construction of Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr despite strong objections from US. 2003 June - Thousands attend student-led protests in Tehran against clerical establishment. 2003 September - UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, gives Tehran weeks to prove it is not pursuing an atomic weapons programme... CNN:
•February 21, 2003 -- Amid US claims that Iran seeks to produce nuclear weapons, the IAEA's director general visits Iran and encourages its leaders to allow inspectors more and faster access to its nuclear sites. Iran declines.
•June 19, 2003 -- The IAEA issues a report saying that Iran appears to be in compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but that it needs to be more open about its activities.
•August 26, 2003 -- The IAEA finds traces of highly enriched uranium at Iran's Natanz nuclear plant. A month later, UN weapons inspectors report traces at a second facility near Tehran, and the IAEA sets an October 31 deadline for the country to prove it is not developing nuclear weapons. Iran claims the source of the uranium is imported equipment.
•October 21, 2003 -- Iran agrees to suspend processing and enriching uranium and allow unannounced inspections by the IAEA. •November, 12, 2003 -- The IAEA finds no evidence of a nuclear program but expresses concern about plutonium production. Iran's president says the material is for pharmaceutical use.
•September 28, 2004 -- Iran's foreign minister rejects claims that the country wants an atomic bomb but vows to defend its nuclear facilities against any attack by Israel.
•November 14, 2004 -- Iran again agrees to temporarily suspend uranium processing and enrichment after talks with European countries in Paris.
•January 13, 2005 -- IAEA inspectors visit the Parchin military complex, believed to have been the site of high-explosive tests related to nuclear weapons research. They find no evidence of a nuclear program but are given only partial access to the facility.
Honestly, at this point in time, it's hard to say what action is best, but denying facts and the seriousness of the Iranian threat to world peace, like United States President Barack Hussein Obama is doing, is the absolutely worst thing to do.
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