Sarah Silverman, abort this Jesus thing


This paper is carrying a JTA item on Sarah Silverman (sister of Rabbi Silverman of Women of the Wall) and her latest attempt at being either:


(a) funny

(b) political

(c) feminist

(d) trendy

(e) with it

(f) outrageous

or all of the above.


You know, the new pro-abortion clip with Jesus in her kitchen, her living room and, yes, her bed.  Or someone''s bed she''s in.


I will not enter into the fray on fetuses but I will make two points that may have escaped the attention of viewers.


The first is why all this Christianity?  Remember her cross?  She''s Jewish.  She has to be in bed with Jesus?  She can''t find any Jewish characters to try to be funny with?  Can''t her sister assist?  Where''s her Jewishness, that part of her she makes fun of all the time?
And the second is that too many people, Jews, actually, might miss the really awful humor as well as the anti-Jesus putdown in the clip.  One exmple is when she''s told:  
"I know where your spot is.  That''s a good Jewish little girl".
"Good Jewish little girl"?
That''s nasty.  That''s self-hate.  That is very much strengthening the perception of Jewish women as JAPs or, at the least, if we adopt feminist terminology, as sexual objects.
And a second example is when she has the Jesus figure say "life begins at 40".  Actually, many probably didn''t catch the anti-Christian dig in that. You see, Jesus never made it to 40.
In fact, that clip just might be promoting a bit of anti-Semitic feeling.
Sarah, whether or not you''ve ever been impregnated or whether you''ve been criticized for an abortion (of which I have no idea) or whether you''re simply in a crusader mode (sorry for the Christian imagery) and out there struggling for rights or you just enjoy being wrong, rethink your method of presentation.
If some things I do are criticized because they make other Jews feel uneasy about being Jews because what non-Jews are thinking, take into consideration what I am thinking.
On this Jesus thing, abort it.