10 Healthy Tips For People Who Love Hiking


There are different ways people spend their holidays; some will go to the beach especially during summer, others will party the whole holiday and the adventurous type will go for hikes. However, there is more benefit for those who chose hiking; they remain physically fit and won’t struggle losing weight when the holidays are over. Hiking sounds like a no-brainer thing but it requires planning just like any other trip. You may want to consider the following tips while planning for it;

1.      Consider Hiking Shoes
Your legs' comfort determines the amount of fun you will have hiking. It also determines the distance that you will comfortably cover and the health of your feet after the hike. Let the only pain that you will experience be the unavoidable knee muscle pain and not pain caused by inappropriate shoes. Consider boots that are waterproof with cushioned heels. These will prevent dampness, sliding, and absorb shock respectively. The popular recommended boots include; Newton Ridge Plus, Ahnu women's Montara and Timberland White Ledge.
2.      Carry Food Substance
Working out is considered to be ineffective without taking the required food substances. It is like using your energy with nothing to replace it. The same theory applies to hiking without taking enough energy-giving substances. It is obvious that you need the energy to climb a steep terrain and traverse the bushes. Some people may argue that their main aim is losing excess weight but that is not an adequate reason for you to starve yourself. Carry enough snacks to provide you energy until you come back home.
3.      Carry Enough Drinking Water
Water covers a larger percentage in the human body fluids which makes it a substance that cannot be ignored. Lack of water may result in dehydration which is accompanied by side effects such as drying of lips and stomach disorders. Carry enough water to keep you hydrated all through your hiking.
4.      Don't Forget Warm Waterproof Clothing
Some people go hiking for one day while others go for more days. Warm clothing may sound ridiculous for people hiking for the first time. If you ask them, they will tell you; when do we wear warm clothing while we are sweating? This question only makes sense when it is a one day hike and there is no rain but are you sure about the weather? Those hiking for many days should never question the suggested clothing because something to warm you through the night while you are resting and waterproof in case it rains or the obvious morning dew is necessary. If you want to avoid arthritis, chest problems, common cold and any diseases resulting from exposure to cold, warm waterproof clothing should never be neglected; just avoid cotton.
5.      Make Hiking a Time To Clear Your Head
It is healthy to have a stress free mind; it helps you avoid diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, high blood pressure and many other diseases triggered by stress. Hiking is a day or more out of the serious world. Avoid bringing family and work issues into the hike. Record the funny memorable moments in a notebook, take photographs of interesting adventures, do crazy funny things and when you go back home your mind will be relieved. The point is, carry anything that can keep you busy such as cameras, notebooks and anything that can capture that moment of laughter.
6.      Make Yourself Light For The Hike
Shaving your hair is one of the best things to do prior to a hike. It makes it easy to manage and reduces the chances of breeding critters and bugs. For the ladies, this may not be a great idea; carrying substances that will keep bugs off your hair is the real deal. Additionally, you may also need to cut your nails for easy maintenance of cleanness.
7.      The Weakest Person Should Set The Pace
Imagine a situation where you are probably the weakest and slowest person in a group of energetic people. They all expect you to keep up to their standard; you are either left behind all the time or you strain to a point o hurting yourself. If you have never experienced inferiority complex you may not understand but suppose you were with your grandparent. You would never want them to struggle; you would only want them to have fun. Therefore, every weak person should have the same consideration whether old or young. Let them set the pace because you can keep up without anyone getting hurt.
8.      Manage Swelling
There are cases where the hands might swell during hiking. This is not a form of sickness that needs to worry you. My friend Mary experienced the same problem while enjoying a hike and was really freaked out because nothing like that had ever happened to her. It was until a friend suggested to her to hold on to the pack strap that the problem was solved. You may want to apply this tactic in the case of such an emergency before complaining about how sick you are.
9.      Tie a Handkerchief at the Strap of the Backpack
The handkerchief is an essential item for those people who value cleanness. A clean person rarely contracts diseases caused by dirt. In a hiking environment, there may be wind particles and insect that can accidentally get into your nostrils. Keeping handkerchief as close as possible is required immediate blowing. Sometimes accidents that result in bleeding may occur; handkerchief can act as the emergency bandage.
10.   Prevent Sunburns
Sunburns are not healthy for your skin. I bet you would like to have a beautiful skin at the end of the hike. Carry hats to prevent your skin from direct exposure to sunlight. And above all, remember to wear a sunscreen every morning. Don’t let UVs ruin your skin.


Hiking is fun when you have the appropriate survival tips. The above-mentioned tips are most of what you need. To see stories about hiking, check http://www.hikingdude.com/. And don’t forget to share those memorable moments with your friends and family.



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