Could you imagine the fact that someone tells that you have no right on your country?

Could you imagine the fact that someone tells you that you have no right on your country?
Why the Jews? Is one Jewish state too much?
Persecution of Jews,
Spreading lies about Jews,
Pallywood propaganda,
Denial of facts that Israelis need to be free  people on their land.
Spreading lies that Israel is not democratic country.
Every Christian, Muslim, Armenian, whoever, may work and live regular life under one condition – to spread peace and love, not hate.
That is Israel.
I wonder why Jews?
Every country has bad and good people. Why Jews? Why Israelis?
Why most of people are against existence of Israel?
One Jewish state is too much?
Furthermore, saying loud and proud that you are a Zionist, is too much?
Well, I am, I told it a number of times and I will keep telling it.
Because Israel was, is and were Jewish state.
Yes, the fact of the matter is that the “fathers” of modern Israel are Zionist, but hold on, would Jews have home than?
Where would they go? To be in different countries without their own homeland, being insulted, suspected, asked: “Who are those Jews?”.
The beginning in 1870, of the reestablishment of Jewish State, was the beginning of nation- building.
Important to mention is that Jews have always have lived in Israel, they have never left it. Hence, there is myth that they came just by boat and made horrific crimes to Arabs in order to steal their land.
Firstly, Israelis cannot steal their own land.
Secondly every Arab, every person is respected and welcomed while he is peaceful.
Finally, as a matter of fact, I do not understand why people talk so much about Israel.
Nevertheless, they are misinformed or they do not like the fact that Israelis can defend themselves.
Whatever you may think or say about Israel, is a country which wants peace.
It is a country where every person who has common sense yearns for peace and will warmly welcome you.
Israelis have right on their country just like you.
Could you imagine the fact that someone tells  that you have no right on your country?
I guess, no.