Jerusalemites: Marah's story

We met near Damascus Gate of The Old City. Marah showed me
a little of The Muslim Quarter .

“I am 17-years-old. I am studing at a municipal school in Jerusalem. I like sports of all kinds. When I was 13 I trained gymnastics and played basketball. Now I don’t… I focus on studying and getting as best marks as I can. I’ve got a crazy mind and funny…my friends say so! Hm…I love everything in Jerusalem, this is the greatest city in the world. What else? When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor as any child, I think, but now I want to become an accountant. I think it’s easy and exciting. I want to complete a university degree, maybe the Bethlehem one, I visited before and I like it. I dream to travel all around the world and do crazy things… like parachuting.”

I said ‘me too’ because I have never tried parachuting before. “Let’s do it together!”