The capital city of Syria, Damascus is one of the great historic cities of the Middle East and is considered one of the oldest, if not the oldest, capital in the world with a history going back thousands of years.

It has a rich history, having been an important city to many empires throughout time, and countless ruling dynasties have called the city home.

At one point, Damascus was renowned as an important cultural and economic center in the Middle East and historic buildings dotted the city.

However, in recent years, the city has fallen into drastic decline and lost much of its historic splendor due to the Syrian Civil War and the conflict with ISIS. 

Despite this, it still maintains an important role as the seat of power of the Syrian government.

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Iran downplays claims of Israeli airstrike

Iranian media showed a video of what they claimed were quiet scenes around the country, trying to show that very little had actually happened.

Iran sought to change the 'equation' of its confrontation with Israel

Iran's Sunday attack on Israel sets a new precedent, and implies that it is now willing to carry out more large-scale attacks against Israel in the future.

Nasrallah: Israel, US know Iranian response to Damascus strike is coming

Nasrallah noted that the airstrike in Damascus was the "highest-profile Israeli attack in Syria in years."


Iran is making empty threats

The path forward requires a delicate balance between deterrence and diplomacy, leveraging the full spectrum of economic, political, and, if necessary, military tools at the disposal of the world.

 An anti-Israel banner in a street in Tehran, Iran, April 2, 2024

US denies Iran offered to let Damascus strike slide in return for Gaza ceasefire

The report comes as negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage release deal resume between Israel and Hamas in Cairo.

After Damascus strike, Iran’s goal: Isolate Israel, deter the US

It can then also invest in its nuclear project while it tries to distract the region with the Gaza war.

 Protesters burn US and Israeli flags during an anti-Israel protest in Tehran, Iran, April 1, 2024

US on high alert for Iran threat in region after Israeli strike in Syria

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has said that seven Iranian military advisers died in the strike, including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in its Quds Force.


'Netanyahu's trap': Iran says US warned it not to target American facilities

The United States has repeatedly denied involvement in the Damascus strike, which killed senior IRGC officials.


Israel's strategic shift: Directly targeting Iran after Damascus assassination

Israel's response to Iranian aggression, criticizing Biden's approach, detailing Iran's activities, and urging a stronger US strategy against Iran's threats to Israel.

Iran vows to punish Israel at funeral for officers killed in embassy strike

The coffins of two of the killed officers were displayed in the capital, Tehran, to religious mourning chants. Some of those present waved the Palestinian flag.

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