5 Israeli startup personalities

Behind every successful start-up is a team of talented individuals, and Israel is saturated with such individuals. Here's a list of five start-up personalities who have each contributed significantly to the successes of their respective startups and consequently to Israel's reputation as a leader in tech innovation.
1.  Hillel Fuld
Hillel is CMO of Zula, a young startup attacking the ways teams communicate in 2015. He also mentors startups in Israel, including accelerators at Google, Microsoft and others. Hillel also blogs for various leading sites such as HuffPo and The Next Web., Venturebeat, Mashable, and others. Fuld has hundreds of thousands of followers across social platforms.
Twitter:  @HilzFuld
2. Yam Regev
Yam Regev is the CMO of Webydo, a code-free web design platform for professionals. Yam has been at the forefront of successfully helping Israeli startups embrace new marketing trends. Regev has a decade of experience with  a variety of digital marketing ventures. In addition to managing small to medium businesses, Yam's vision and leadership have helped Webydo grow exponentially in the last year, generating thousands of new users and millions in funding.
Twitter: @YamRe
3. Yosi Taguri
Yosi Taguri - together with Tal Eliyashiv, founded Yallo, a mobile app to enhance the phone call.
For the past 25 years Taguri has been developing software for a variety of technologies and devices. He is a frequent speaker and has a weekly video show on the internet. Yosi started at an early age and developed his first software at the age of 11.
Twitter: @yosit
4. Moshe Hogeg 
Moshe Hogeg is the CEO of Mobli, a real-time visual media platform. Perhaps best known to the wider audience as the man behind Yo. Hogeg is the founder of Singulariteam Ltd., a private Investment fund. Prior to founding Mobli, Hogeg was the social media manager at Nike. A serial entrepreneur, Hogeg is a strong influence behind a number of innovative startups in Israel.
Twitter: @moshehogeg
5. Jonathan Medved
Jon Medved is an investor and the founder of OurCrowd, an equity-based crowdfunding platform. According to the Washington Post Medved is “one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capitalists”. The New York Times named him as one of the top Americans who have impacted Israel.
Twitter: @jonmedved